A U.S. Tubular Products Company

API Licensed, family owned end finisher to help provide you with all your OCTG pipe services and requirements. Benmit utlizes state of the art CNC pipe finishing and bucking equipment.

All products and equipment used are approved through a supplier approval process to meet and exceed our customer specifications.

Exceeding Expectations Since 1971 - This Is What We Do

End Finishing


  • API/LS/Water Well/Micro Piling
  • 1,900" through 13 3/8"


  • Machine Beveling - 2" through 14"
  • Torch Beveling - 6 5/8" through 36"

Cut Grooving

  • 2" through 14"

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Hydro Testing

Threaded Tubing & Casing

  • 1,900" through 5.5"

Plain End Casing

  • 7" through 18"

We also specialize in Upsetting: 2 3/8" and 2 7/8" LS and J55 Tubing

OCTG Assemblies

Mandrels / Running Tools

Float Shoes / Collars

Pup Joints

Crossover Joints

Rail Capability: Rail partner located within a 50 mile radius. Contact us for details.

Inspection & Repairs

We offer pipe inspections upon your requests and have the ability to make specific repairs.

America Needs America's Energy

Other Services


  • Black pipe coating or Clear/Tinted mill varnish

Saw Cutting

  • up to 16"


  • up to #6000


  • Benmit have over 80 acres for your storage and handling needs

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